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What is a top-up ?

Top-up is basically recharging your credit on a prepaid phone connection. It can also be called recharge, refill, reload, etc.

On average how long will it take to top-up an account ?

With Topitin, the top-up for the phone number will be applied within few seconds. But, sometimes ther will be slight delays based on the operator. To ensure transparency, you will receive a confirmation email on the transaction, once it goes through successfully.

How can I reset my account password ?

You can click on the Forgot Password option in Login, enter your registered email address and Topitin will send you the instructions on how to reset the password.

How many simultaneous top-ups can I send at the same time ?

Topitin allows you to top-up 5 mobile numbers at the same time.

Can I change languages ?

Yes, you can change the language by clicking on the language icon at the top of the page.

How can I pay for the top-ups ?

You can use one or more payment options from the following:

  • Paypal
  • American Express credit cards
  • Diners credit cards
  • Diners debit cards
  • Discover credit cards
  • Discover debit cards
  • MasterCard debit cards
  • MasterCard credit cards
  • Maestro debit cards
  • SafetyPay
  • VISA credit cards
  • VISA debit cards
  • VISA Electron cards
  • VISA Delta cards
Can I change the currency of top-up ?

The system takes care of this for you. The currency of the top-up is automatically selected based on the location you are registering from. If you want to change this you can get it done by contact the customer care centre.

Will there be a processing fee ?

A fee is charged to process payments securely. You can view the transaction charges in the Order Summary after you select the amount you wish to send.

Are there any recurring charges ?

We only charge you at the time of the transaction. There are no recurring charges. Before submitting your details we state the total amount which you will pay, these are the only charges you will see from us.

Can a roaming phone number be topped-up ?

Yes, a roaming phone number can be topped-up without a sweat.

Can I remove a top-up from an order ?

Yes, you can. Simply go to your cart button. Click on it, click on edit and delete/remove the top-up you want to take-out. And then proceed to check-out.

Can I change the registered email address?

We use your email address as our primary key, therefore, there is no option to change the email address. You can change the password, if you want to. Alternatively if you want to use a different email address, you can contact Customer Care, who will help you delete the existing account and you can create a new account with the new email address.

Can I update my card details ?

Yes, you can. Y simply logging into your Topitin account and moving onto the payment, tab, you can modify or delete the existing payment method.

When I top-up, can I select call plans or data packages?

At this point of time, this option is not available and you will have to contact your phone operator to select call plans or data packages.

Is my account information safe?

Any information you provide is through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL); one of the safest and most widely used security protocols available on the web. When completing a transaction, we don't store any credit or debit information, it is stored with our secure payment processor who keeps your details safe to the strict PCI compliance requirements set out by VISA, MasterCard etc. The terms & conditions and our privacy policy, which you agree to when registering, cover all of our policies regarTopitin personal information. The only details we save are email addresses for promotional purposes.

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